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Gorllwyn (2011ft / 613m)
Drygarn (2119ft / 645m)

Gorllwyn (2011ft / 613m) Climbed: 24/10/2008 10:59
Drygarn (2119ft / 645m) Climbed: 24/10/2008 12:55

Grid reference: SN 916590 / SN 863584
How to climb: car park at Rhiwnant (SN 900616)
and very rough, boggy and uninspiring climbs to the summits on a flat blanket bog.


Approach to the summit of Gorllwyn

The flat boggy plateau between the summits of Gorllwyn and Drygarn Fawr

The summit of Drygarn Fawr

The view down the Rhiwnant valley on the descent from the boggy wilderness above