Dai Morgans - Radnor Forest

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Brache Hill (2001ft / 610m)
Black Mixen (2132ft / 650m)
Great Rhos (2166ft / 660m)

Brache Hill (2001ft / 610m) Climbed: 14/12/2008 12:28
Black Mixen (2132ft / 650m) Climbed: 14/12/2008 13:17
Great Rhos (2166ft / 660m) Climbed: 14/12/2008 13:53

How to climb: car park at New Radnor and good paths to all three summits.


View from the south side of Brache Hill

View from the summit of Brache Hill

Walking towards the summit of Black Mixen

View south between Black Mixen and the Great Rhos

View from the summit of Great Rhos towards mid Wales